Ancaster / Dundas

Some of the biggest and most expensive metal roofing contracts that Vassa Metal Roofing has fulfilled til date have included metal roofing projects in Dundas, Ancaster, Hamilton, Waterdown, Burlington and Flamborough. Ancaster and Dundas, Ontario offer some of Hamilton’s most beautiful landscapes, and as such, have been the longtime home of many multi-million dollar homes. Vassa Metal Roofing specializes in catering to this class of homeowner, and has more than 100 residential metal roofing jobs under their belt (ranging from 1,500 square foot metal roofs and steel roofs to upwards of 10,000 square foot metal roofs).

Most folks in Ancaster and Dundas that inquire about a metal roofing project are interested in the long-term savings. To such intelligent and quality-conscious individuals, we express that not only will the metal roofing system we install mitigate your stress of losing inferior ashphalt shingles in high winds and leaks after major storms, but a Vassa Metal Roofing system is also a once in a life-time investment that significantly reduces energy and roof replacement costs. Most homeowners in Ancaster and Dundas do end up electing a metal roofing system from Vassa Metal Roofing simply because they comprehend that a permanent metal roofing system will pay for itself time and again over its lifespan.

If you reside in Ancaster, Dundas, Hamilton or Burlington, and are considering a metal roofing system for your home or business, please don’t hesitate to reach Tony Kavai of Vassa Metal Roofing to schedule an on-site visit where you will be providing a free metal roof quote. Connect with us by phone or email today!

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