Metal Roofing Products

Vassa Metal Roofing carries a wide variety of metal roofing products and steel roofing products. Our chief metal roofing products is GERARD metal roofing technologies, a long-established supplier of metal roofing products with a very well-known presence in North America. Our experience with GERARD metal roofing technologies has been terrific in that their metal roofing products are of far superior quality to others in the industry. Vassa Metal Roofing always recommends GERARD metal roofing technologies products for implementation in any residential metal roofing project or commercial metal roofing or steel roofing project.

There are a number of tremendous benefits of our metal roofing products, and they are not only linked to the quality of the roof installation, but more so to the superior performance and lifespan of the metal roofing products that are implemented. In our experience as metal roofing products installers (in other words, metal roofers), metal roofing products that have been properly installed tend to last for decades without any issues. However, when metal roofing products are installed by amateur metal roofing contractors or inexperienced metal roofing companies, the shingles quickly become loose, or the metal roof or steel roof becomes prone to water damage.

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